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How To Measure Shutters

Getting a precise and accurate measurement is the first and essential step to a perfect shutter

All our shutters are custom built. Before ordering shutters please take a note of any mechanisms or obstacles fitted to your window that may be in the way of shutter layout

It is very essential that your measurements are accurate in a millimeter

Always use steel measuring tape and make sure tape measure is straight and tight when measuring

Remember to measure ALL windows, even when they look the same, they probably won’t be

Do not make any deductions, factory will make them depending of which option you use

There are three standard layouts for shutters fitting.

  • Recess Mount Z Frame
  • Recess Mount L Frame
  • Face Fit L Frame

To make decision which one of these frames to use, you need to consider:

  • Depth of your window
  • Make sure there is at least 65mm clearance for L-frame or 55mm for Z-frame at every point to allow louvres to rotate to open position if you using recess fit
  • Take a note of any obstruction, such as window winders or frame protrusions
  • If there is not enough depth in your window recess for an inside mount you will need to mount your shutters outside/face fit

Recess Mount- Z Frame

We recommend using this type of mount if your depth in the recess of you window is more then 55mm

Biggest advantage of this type of frame is that it gives you best light coverage around a frame eliminating need of installing light stops or filling the gaps with gap filler

It also has more tolerance and covers for uneven gaps around frame that is out of square

Minimum recess depth required for 89mm shutter is 55mm

Z-frame is fitted directly to the inside of the window frame with 22mm bullnose going around the outside window frame

When you are measuring a window recess, make sure that you take at least three measurements for the width and height of the opening. Use the smallest of the three as windows are rarely straight. Measure every window even if they look the same.

Inside recess fit diagram:

Recess Mount – L Frame

Process of measuring recess L-Frame mount is almost the same as measuring for Z-Frame

Main difference is that L frame recess fit will take slightly more space inside the window recess.

Minimum depth for L-frame is 65mm inside the window recess at every point

Also, it will not close the gaps around a frame evenly so the use of light blocks or gap filler is needed as well.

You have to make sure there is no obstruction for louvers to open

Measure width from inside opening edge of the recess to the opposite edge, and height from the top of the opening edge to the bottom of the inside sill

Measure the width and height in three places and use the smallest of the three measurements

Inside recess fit diagram:

Face Fit – L Frame

Outside mount is used when there is not enough space inside window recess or there are parts of the frame or mechanism in the way of the shutter layout

Square L Frame has a base dimension of 40mm and needs at lease 40mm of flat surface to mount

Measure the width in three places, Top, Centre and Bottom. Measure from the outer edge of the architrave to the opposite edge.  Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Measure the drop in three places, Left, Centre and Right.   Measure from the top of the architrave, to the bottom of the architrave.  Use the smallest of the three measurements.

Face fit diagram:


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