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How To Install Blinds

Screws provided are only suitable for timber, if you are fixing blind to another material you must purchase it additionally making sure it will hold the weight.

Chain drive bracket will always go on the same side as your chain operation. (If ordering opposite control for double blinds, brackets will come as combination chain drive and pin end on one bracket)

  • Use both screw to fix brackets in place (on the architraves for face fit or inside the window frame for recess fit) Remeasure and mark where the blinds will go before fixing brackets as factory makes blinds about 5mm smaller to ensure blind will operate correctly.
  • Slide the chain drive onto the tongue of your chain drive bracket. Ensure that the cage of the chain drive is in the upright position. Push the pin drive into the pin drive bracket. Rotate the transparent part on the pin until you hear at least one click as this will lock the blind in place.
  • Hook the chain onto the child safe clip and screw it to the architrave or inside the reveal (place it slightly away from the blind with not too much tension so it does not interfere with the operation)
  • Chain stopper is there to stop the blind at your desired height so roll your blind down to closed position and place the stopper onto the chain with slit of the ball in vertical position. For standard roll blinds, stopper goes on the chain at the front of the blind and if it’s reverse roll, stopper goes on the chain at the back.


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