Ziptrak® Interior Blinds


Ziptrak® Interior operates without cords
or chains which makes it child-safe and
easy and intuitive to use. With Australian engineered springs, the blind smoothly glides up and down, and will stay at any position.

Optional motorisation is available for one-touch convenience.



The aluminium pelmet offers stylish and robust protection to the blind, along with superior insulation and light blocking capabilities. The slim and discreet system is worthy of its presence within your home.


Our innovative Ziptrak® Spline secures the fabric in its small side tracks. This provides total light blockout with particular fabric selections, and ensures no flapping when left down over an open window. By creating a sealed space between the glass and blind, the system minimises air transfer between inside and out, keeping your space cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


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Ziptrak® blinds are easy and simple to use, providing a smooth glide for years of care-free operation.


Spring-balanced blinds allow you to easily lower or raise the blind, with a sophisticated spring that supports the weight of the blind. The blind should be hand-operated from the centre of the bottom bar. This ensures the material rolls evenly onto the top tube. The blind should always glide smoothly and easily along the track.


Motorised blinds are operated by utilising the remote control provided and must be supervised while moving. Refer to the remote control instructions for operating guidance. Motorised blinds cannot be hand-operated and doing so may damage the blind. Unless your motorised blinds are solar powered, they will not operate during a power outage. Please refer to the windy conditions section for further information on how to operate with an open window.

Ziptrak® Interior Blinds is a finely engineered solution for home privacy. To extend the life of your system please adhere to the following instructions.

Motorised Ziptrak® blinds must be supervised whilst raising and lowering at all times. Care must be taken when operating the blinds whilst the window is open, in this case, the blind should be left partially raised to reduce the pressure caused by wind currents, especially when having block out blinds. Avoid closing the blind completely when the window is open. If windy conditions occur while raising or lowering the blind use your hand to push against the fabric to reduce the pressure and then operate the blind.


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